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Life with identical twins

Carnitas three ways

on January 23, 2014

I do my menu planning with Google calendar. I love it because it gives me one view into my day (work, personal, and menu), I can plan ahead, and it allows me to set certain favorite menu items recurring. Baked polenta is on our menu once a month. I love pairing it with a braised meat of some sort. Last time I had it with chicken thighs and it was just so so. A coworker recommended I try it with pork. Great idea!

I found a carnitas recipe with good reviews and went with that for our Sunday meal. It’s done in the crockpot so perfect for a Sunday. After 9 hours it was very tasty and tender. My only complaint was that it got a little dry, even more so after frying it. Still, tasty, and a nice change of pace from our usual baked chicken.

Tuesday I used the carnitas for our Taco Tuesday. I probably should have highlighted them in a different way, because I felt like the pork got a little lost. But, Caden ate some pork along with her usual cheese taco, so it was definitely a win.

Last night I made Hoisin pork with rice noodles. Since I already had cooked pork, I made the sauce and just heated the pork up with the sauce. The problem with this recipe was the noodles. Maybe I should have hit them with cold water once they were done cooking? They ended up clinging to each other, so I had piles of noodles and piles of meat. I winged the sauce a little, but it was definitely forgettable. Not something I’ll make again.

Overall, the carnitas were very good. As I said before, they were a welcome change from our usual chicken. I’ll definitely make the recipe again, but I need to find a third recipe for our week to use everything up. I thought about a rice bowl, but I wonder if the pork wouldn’t be too dry?

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