The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Three Kings Day

on January 20, 2014

Last night at dinner Delaney said “Is tomorrow Three Kings Day?” Ah, no. Since school hasn’t talked to them yet about Martin Luther King, I introduced race and oppression and civil rights to them. My kids are the typical kids who think their skin color is peach (blew their mind when I told them we’re considered white, Caden just kept looking at her arm, then looking at me) and do not understand race at all. They describe people by their skin color and hair color, but beyond that see no other differences. The conversation went about how you would think it would, so hopefully their teachers will fill some things in for them.

Saturday was a pancake breakfast at their school. It was pure torture on two levels. First, to watch the mom flip the pancakes on the griddle, then take the spatula and press down on them. Why? To ensure they’ll cook? Or to ensure they have zero fluffiness. PEOPLE. You do not need to press down on pancakes. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me to watch someone do that. It took everything in me not to blurt out “You don’t need to do that!” And then I had to take those gluteny pancakes over to a table and watch and smell my kids eat them. Damn I miss the good pancakes.

After lunch we went to The Mitten at Stages Theater. My mom was supposed to join us for this one and I was so bummed she couldn’t make it (snowy roads) because this was the best show we’ve seen there! It’s part play, part ballet and they did a really great job with it. The costumes were so cute, the songs were cute, and I loved the animals. I highly recommend it!

Sunday was Caden’s very first kindergarten birthday party. Since Delaney didn’t know the boy I got a babysitter for her so Caden could go by herself. I thought Delaney would be bummed, but their old daycare teacher came to hang out with her so she was super psyched. They had a blast! And made a paper chain to count down to their birthday which I’m psyched about! Once at the bowling party I realized I could have dropped Caden off and returned later to pick up, saving myself a babysitter, but oh well. Next time I’ll ask more questions.

To cap off the weekend, I cleaned out my books! The VVA group is picking up stuff on Tuesday and they take books, so I thought I would save myself a trip to Goodwill and donate everything to them. It feels so good to see a nice, clean bookcase again.

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