The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Here we go again

on January 17, 2014

Friday! At the beginning of the week I was groaning because ohmygod we had to work all five days in the office this week! But the week went by really fast. It also helped that Thursday afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment, which meant I picked up the girls a little early and we got home all while it was still light out! Amazing how that one little thing can turn your evening around.

jan 10

Friday. The last day of the sling!

jan 13

Monday. You’ll notice the recurring theme in this week’s pictures is Caden’s angry face. Mornings are not her friend. This is my fave.

jan 14

Tuesday. I haven’t been doing much with their hair this winter because their hats wreck it immediately, but we tried headbands Tuesday morning for a hot minute.

jan 15a

Wednesday. Pose A.

jan 15b

And Pose B, switching places.

jan 16

Thursday. Poor Caden cried all morning.

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