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Life with identical twins

Maddy Bell

on January 16, 2014

caden_maddy 2

Madison is getting old. I found her in 1997, and we think she was a year old then which makes her … 17 years old now? I’m horrible with her age. I always round up a few years.

She’s always been a tiny cat, but the past six months she has lost a few more pounds. This summer when I brought her to the vet she was 9 lbs, previously she’d been 11 lbs. I would say today she’s in the 7-8 lb range. She’s so skinny you can feel her spine. I’ve researched on the internet and cats lose weight as they get older, so it’s hard to know what is causing the weight loss. She has food out at all times, so maybe she just isn’t as hungry anymore.


She has a tumor under her belly which hasn’t bothered her in years, until now that she’s losing weight. I think it’s hard for her body to carry this extra weight, when it doesn’t have any extra of its own. We’ve had to drain the tumor a few times in the last months to ease the burden on her body. It’s not super painful, but she’s never happy about it either.

As Lucy gets old and arthritic, and Madison gets old and skinny, we are hyper aware of our pets in this household. Everyone gets as much extra love as we can dish out. Madison especially, since she is easy for the girls to pick up and cart around. I’ve always joked that Madison would outlive us all, but now the reality of her age is setting in. I’m most afraid that we will lose both of them within a short period of time, and that will just break our little family.

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  1. […] Maddy has been sick since last summer. I lanced her tumor at home Tuesday evening. Wednesday Maddy was noticeably quieter. Thursday I became worried. Friday I called the vet. […]

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