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Life with identical twins

No more sling!

on January 14, 2014

We had our recheck appointment at the doctor on Friday. She seemed surprised to see us which I felt wasn’t a good sign. I got the “So it’s been how long? Not long right?” Three weeks lady! I debated on when to make the appointment, but I went with three weeks and one day since it put us right before the weekend, and why not celebrate no more sling with a weekend?

Long story short, the sling is gone. The day I posted about her pain was her turning point. She hasn’t asked for pain meds since, and has been feeling really great. She did wear her sling on Sunday because she said her arm was tired, but beyond that her range of motion is fine and there hasn’t been anything physical that she’s had issues with. Everything healed very well, and she said the bone would straighten out over the next few years.

The only wrench in all of this is that she can’t wear her school backpack for three more weeks. I drove her to school two days last week and it completely wrecked my morning. School is chaos at that time, I hit more traffic, and I’m 20 minutes late for work. There’s no way I could do that for three more weeks. The entire drive downtown I rolled through ideas in my head until I finally hit on one that could work – pay a neighborhood kid to do it for her!

There is a fourth grader that gets on at the next bus stop. She adores the girls, and I know at that age she’s responsible. Monday morning we drove down to the bus stop with a $20 bill in hand. As we got out of the truck I spotted her and heard her say “Delaney and Caden are here today! They’re here!”

Seriously people. What fourth grader gets so excited about two kindergartners? How sweet is this girl and how sweet are my girls that they have charmed jaded fourth graders?

She was of course in for carrying her backpack and reportedly sat one seat behind Caden on the bus, so it all worked out. She very quickly tucked the $20 into her backpack, and I’m hoping she buys something that completely and totally makes her day with it.

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