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Life with identical twins

Getting Organized

on January 13, 2014

I found this January organizing calendar on January 1 and knew it was exactly what my January needed. I’m fairly good about continuously organizing and going through my stuff, but I loved the idea of a plan that would take me all through my house in a month. Especially right after the holidays when you really need to declutter.

This week the focus was on the bedrooms. I went through all of my clothes again. Last year I bought leggings and skinny jeans, and because of that my wardrobe has really needed to shift. There were also a lot of older sweaters that just needed to go. I took yet another pass through all of my t-shirts, but I’ve culled those down a few times and wear most of what is in those drawers. I heavily edited my closet though. So many skirts I never wear! Can’t even fit into! All in a bag for Goodwill. I also went through my golf clothes and got them down to one skirt and a few shirts. Everything else goes to my girlfriend who actually golfs.

It feels so good to get organized. Even better to know that by the end of the month my house will feel even lighter. I have plans to go through and donate most of the books in my big bookcase. I’ll keep the ones I actually re-read, but there are so many books in that thing and they just sit there. If I can get rid of some, I can use that for some storage again.

I also decided I’m going to paint my kitchen the same creamy yellow as the living room and dining room. Originally my kitchen was country blue. When I remodeled I painted it lime green. I loved that lime green right up until I didn’t. I painted it what I thought would be a less dramatic green, but it’s really just mint. I hate the color, but the thought of picking yet another color makes me sweat so I figured I’d just use a color I already have! It was either the blue from the bathroom, or yellow from the living room. My very first house had a yellow kitchen and I loved that kitchen! Here’s hoping that sunshine comes into this house as well.

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