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A Polar Vortex Gift

on January 8, 2014

So it’s crazy cold around these parts. The air that normally swirls around the North Pole, swung south and is hanging out in the US. Right over Minnesota. Luckily they saw it coming and everyone was prepped for it.

School was called off for Monday and Tuesday. A lot of people were not thrilled with two more days home with their kids, but we’ve actually really enjoyed this extra time at home. It’s been a sort of gift, extra days to spend together and do the things we wanted to do over winter break but didn’t get the chance to.

I think a few things helped us out. First, we were gone a lot over winter break so we weren’t sick of being at home together yet. Second, I worked Thursday and Friday and the girls were at their after care. Those two days out were a huge reset for all of us. Third, I’m a home body. I like to be at home and with the cold, I’d rather just stay home than try to get out and about in this. We came home Saturday, and didn’t leave until Tuesday afternoon for Caden’s chiro appointment and honestly? Getting out of the house is overrated.

The girls have watched some movies, they’ve built things, played imaginary games, colored, done science experiments and we’ve done a Just Dance marathon or two. (Caden got 5 stars on one song! I didn’t even think that was possible!) I’ve been able to work out every day, and working while being home has been easy, rather than the distraction it was a few weeks ago.

So thank you polar vortex! Thank you for the gift of two more days home with my girls. So far for us, 2014 is starting off quite nicely.

One response to “A Polar Vortex Gift

  1. Grammy says:

    I’m happy that you are enjoying the bright side of this crazy cold weather. What could be better than exploding toilets?!

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