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Caden, The Broken Collar edition

on January 7, 2014

caden 1

Caden has really dealt with this whole broken collar bone thing very well. For me, this whole thing was a complete pain, but it was never that for her. She wears her sling when she’s supposed to, and never asks to take it off early.

caden sn ow

But, she hasn’t let this stop her from having fun. I thought she would end up stuck inside the house, or sitting by the fire the entire time up north, but she was sledding and riding the snowmobile the entire time. There were a few times when I had to make the call that the sled was too bumpy, but she took those in stride. I’ve been amazed and in awe of her and how she finds a way to do the things she wants to do.

girls now

She’s incredibly self aware and several times has asked to wear her sling to bed at night to keep her arm in position. Technically she doesn’t have to sleep in her sling, but the more her arm has healed, the more she moves around in her sleep which has meant more pain in the mornings. I think the pain is the thing that has taken me most by surprise with this. With her surgeries or other injuries, it hurt for a few days but then she was back on track. At almost three weeks in, she is still taking pain medication daily. Mostly in the mornings, but often before bed as well.

caden chair

Today she heads to the chiropractor to get an adjustment. She’s been complaining that her neck and back hurt. We have the sling cinched up fairly tight, so that doesn’t surprise me. Friday we have a re-check with the pediatrician to see if it’s healed. Given the level of pain she’s having now, I have no idea what to expect. I’m guessing the sling will come off, but there will still be plenty of pain and soreness as she starts using it again.

2 responses to “Caden, The Broken Collar edition

  1. Scott says:

    Erin, I was there for the Grunst Christmas and that little angle Caden was amazingly happy and active, functioning with pain I can only imagine. Give her my best.

  2. […] though we’ve kind of been down this path when she broke her collar bone, the cast on her arm will present different challenges. Some of her restrictions we won’t […]

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