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Bring it on 2014

on January 2, 2014

The girls and I have been looking forward to their winter break for a while now. I decided to take those two weeks off and either work from home, or hopefully, simply be on vacation with them. That didn’t really happen. We had some time off at home, but we also did a lot of travelling, and I worked way more than I wanted to. It really highlighted the things I need to change.

Looking back, I feel like I was in analysis paralysis for much of 2013. There was always some fire to fight, and many projects remain half completed, or were never started at all. I want 2014 to be the year when I get things done, when I take action. Next December I don’t want to look around and see the things I didn’t do.

Financially, I thought once daycare was finished I would stash thousands of dollars into savings. Not so much. We were hit with expense after expense that ate up every single dime that was supposed to go into savings. January will once again be a No Spend Month, and 2014 overall will be a year of vacations that we can drive to. I still want to travel and show the girls the world, but this year we’re going to do it road trip style. Possibly a trip to Chicago once school lets out, a trip to the Dells over spring break, and a trip to the north woods this summer. We are also done buying clothes until at least June. (Except I have a stitch fix scheduled, oops.)

On the food front, I need to be more proactive in taking care of my body. I got glutened left and right during the holidays. I feel absolutely awful, and it has to stop. I’m hoping to cook at home even more, and bring my lunch to work more often. I need to find more gluten free restaurants, so I can eat out with more confidence and not just hope for the best.

I’m also committing to turning myself into a morning exerciser. I had a good running routine going this summer, but that is out now. I know when I exercise I handle stress better, and I feel better, so I need to make it a priority. No more excuses.

I need to stop swearing. The more I swear, the easier it is to swear, and now I’m swearing around the girls like it’s a normal word. Yikes. I also need to do what I tell them to do, and take a breath around them. They are very touchy about any yelling, which likely means I’ve been yelling a lot lately. (It also probably means they’re tired, which they are, but aren’t we all?) So yes, I’d like to find a little more harmony with them.

As a single working mom, it’s easy to get caught up being Exhausted. I’m always tired, I’m always stressed. Honestly, my life isn’t that terribly different than anyone else’s. I do know though, that if I stay here too long, just being exhausted and complaining, that sooner or later I’ll look around and think “Whoa. Things really went to hell around here didn’t they?” I want to feel good about my house, my yard, my body, my work, and my family. That’s a lot of things, but I’m hopeful.

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