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Favorite Pictures of 2013

on December 31, 2013

I’ve never been one to be happy a year is over and yet, I CANNOT WAIT FOR 2013 TO BE FINISHED! I know so many people who have had awful years, and while we thankfully have not had the sickness or death that others have had, this has been an incredibly stressful and difficult year. At work we talk about being poked to death. You know those people who ask one question after another after another and you can’t get anything done? That’s what 2013 has done to me. Poked me to death. One thing after another. Nothing too crazy, although a few that came close to pushing me over the edge, but mostly just one thing after another. And yet, it’s really made me look at my life and figure out where I want to be and what I want to be doing, because feeling stressed like this all the time is not an option. 2014 will definitely be a year of changes, even if those are just subtle changes that put our family in a different place.

On to the pictures! In keeping with my theme, my 13 favorite pictures from 2013. I picked one from each month, with July having a bonus picture.

valentines together 3

Even though this is a Valentine’s picture, I took it in January. I have this up at work and it’s still one of my favorites. Everything about this photo shoot came together. Look at their hair! It hasn’t curled like that since! And my little hearts worked, the girls mostly smiled, and I got some amazing shots that we used for their Valentine’s cards.

snow bw 1

This was at my parent’s old house after a day of playing outside in the snow. I love how much Delaney loves to play outside, even when it’s crazy cold out.

caden blue sky 2

This picture was taken in Florida on the one gorgeous day we had. We hit the beach early and stayed all day, building sand castles and swimming in the ocean. Also, pigtail braids was Caden’s signature hair style. I miss those braids!

caden bed

Caden playing her iPod. With an insanely cold winter that edged right into May, we had no light and I tried to take pictures of anything! Even in low light.

delaney green 2

May! And finally some green grass! We were so freaking happy to be able to be outside! Delaney’s hair is always in her face, so this picture is perfect for her.


I was psyched to be a soccer mom! I was impressed at how well the girls did playing soccer, even though their team lost all of their games. Hopefully next summer will be a little more enjoyable all around.


I took this picture because the girls were in matching outfits, but when I was scrolling through I had to do a double take to see if this was a daily outfit picture. It’s not, but I think we can all see that Delaney’s need to pose started long before September.

cupcake bw

July bonus picture! I love everything about this picture. The color contrast, Caden’s curly hair, how the flag stands out.

sunset 2

This summer we made an effort to enjoy the sunsets, and I used those times to try to get an epic sunset picture. I really wanted a great silhouette shot and I finally got it! You can even see their pigtail braids.

sept 14

This may be the greatest daily picture I’ve taken. I really have no idea what gets into them, but I love it.

swing 2

I have a lot of close up shots of my kids’ faces. I love them. I love the detail. In this I love the squinched up eyes, the open mouth laugh, and how you know she was swinging her heart out.

nov 21

This is another quintessential daily picture. Caden is beyond freezing because I’ve made them go on the deck once more, and Delaney is busting out one of her epic poses.

snow 1

If I had to pick, this is it. My favorite picture from 2013.

4 responses to “Favorite Pictures of 2013

  1. Grammy says:

    You have a wonderful talent that captures their personalities. These photos are always the highlight of my morning!

  2. Amanda says:

    Love! I’ve been bugging Joel to get me a real camera to use instead of my silly phone, so I can take some real shots in the new year. I’m so envious of how gorgeous your photos are! Did you say once that you wanted to take a class? Maybe we could find a one-day workshop or something to do this yea.

    And amen to 2014 being better. There is no choice but for it to be better! Glad we get to ring it in together, and thank you for being so welcoming to a new Minnesota girl.

  3. Scott says:

    Fantastic pictures!

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