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Life with identical twins

No Fear

on December 30, 2013

We spent the weekend up at my uncle’s house in northern Minnesota for the family Christmas. We had amazing weather both days, and were able to spend a large chunk of time outside. Considering Sunday was well below zero, it really was a Christmas miracle. I have more pictures to share later in the week, but these of Delaney I wanted to get up right away. They had been sledding behind the snowmobile and four wheelers all day, and we were just about to go inside when Sheila mentioned the sledding hill. Delaney and Samantha were all over it (Caden wanted to SO bad, but mama said no!). Delaney went down over and over again, with a bigger smile on her face each time. You can see from the pictures, she got some decent air off that jump! She’s definitely a girl who likes some speed!

laney sled

laney sled-2

laney sled-3

laney sled-4

laney sled-5

laney sled-6

laney sled-7

laney sled-8

One response to “No Fear

  1. Grammy says:

    So fun to watch her fly down that little hill. She had a grin from ear to ear.

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