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Christmas 2013

on December 27, 2013

The run up to Christmas this year was definitely stress inducing. No matter when I start shopping, it seems I’m always still shopping at the last minute. I cut back on gifts this year and then wondered if I had cut back too much? Then Caden broke her collar bone which threw a wrench into things right when I needed some smooth sailing. By the time we got to my parent’s house Monday afternoon I was ready for a big glass of wine, and a long winter’s nap!

Christmas Eve was a little hectic. Caden woke up super early that morning, which meant she needed a nap. We met my mom for lunch, and then everyone had just a little bit of shopping to do. We snuck in Caden’s nap for church, but that meant I had 10 minutes to get myself and Delaney dressed (guess we aren’t doing cute braids!) and Caden was super groggy. After church we tried to get a few pictures, but no one was very cooperative. With the low light, everything was blurry. Oh well. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a family picture on Christmas, perhaps I should stop trying.

xmas eve

xmas am 1

Even though my parent’s house has great natural light, Christmas morning was dark and dreary. It took a few of these before I realized I needed to throw up my flash and give in to auto. As you can see, Caden got earrings. (Pearls! She looks so lady like in them.)

xmas am 2

The girls are in full on Santa magic mode, so I knew Christmas morning would be magical. Last year, I gave them iPods and the rest of their presents were from Santa. This year, I made them write down their Santa list early and Santa gave those gifts, while the rest were from me. Honestly, I have no idea why I deliberate about this so much because they really didn’t care.

xmas am 3

It was absolutely the science Christmas though! Delaney got a microscope, Caden got a telescope, and they both got science experiment kits. I’m hoping we’ll have a quiet day soon to bust everything out!

xmas am bokeh

After present opening we had our standard cinnamon roll breakfast. I made gluten free cinnamon rolls for Caden and I to enjoy. Mine looked absolutely nothing like the recipe, but they looked and tasted enough like cinnamon rolls that I was happy and had no desire to cheat. I definitely need to find a better recipe though.

I also made a gluten free blueberry breakfast strata. It was fine, but those things aren’t really my thing. They’re nice because you can prep them ahead of time and just pop them in the oven, but I think next year I’ll find an egg dish I can bake.

xmas am bokeh 2

I’m a sucker for holiday bokeh and my parents new house has the perfect layout for it.

xmas am 4

I didn’t take a ton of pictures of present opening, mostly because I’m awful at those kinds of candid shots. I did grab this shot of my brother and my grandfather though. This year my grandpa came to Christmas Eve service with us, which he hasn’t done since I was pregnant. Back then, the two of us would go to this small Catholic church on Christmas Eve while my parents went to their church. I was hugely pregnant and in a shirt not meant for maternity wear that night. As people turned to greet each other, everyone’s eyes about popped out of their heads as they took in my boobs and belly. I can still remember the look on my grandpa’s face that night, as he shook his head and laughed.

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