The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

A New Tradition

on December 18, 2013

The girls are 5.5 now, and I felt like it was time for them to think of gifts for someone beyond themselves this Christmas. The past few years they’ve gone shopping with my parents to get gifts for me, but they were young and I’m not sure how much input they gave.

They brought up buying presents for me on their own. I honestly thought they had discussed it with my parents, but perhaps they were paying more attention in previous years than I’m giving them credit for! Even cuter, they asked me questions about things I like.

“Mommy. What do you like to do?”

“I like to drink coffee.”

“That gives me a clue!”

And so on and so on, so I knew they had a decent idea about what they wanted to get me. I also threw out the idea of picking out a present for their sister. They both loved the idea! Delaney immediately had ideas for Caden, but I think Caden was a little stumped on what to get her sister. The real issue, was how to make this happen?

I talked it through with my mom and we thought we could do it Christmas Eve day, but I wanted to try to get it done sooner. Luckily, the babysitter was slotted to stay late last night so I worked things out with her. She took the girls to Target while I was running my other errands. They picked out their present for me, then I met up with them and took Delaney while she took Caden. They picked out presents for their sister, and now we just need to wrap!

Delaney was so, so thoughtful. She wanted to get her sister a DVD because she likes to watch movies, something gluten free because there isn’t much she can eat, and something to do. We found a Bubble Guppies/Team Umizoomi DVD, a sugar cookie baking mix, and a coloring book. Such perfect presents for Caden.

Caden needed some inspiration, so Sunday we looked through the Target ad. Nightgowns were on sale and she decided that’s what she would get Delaney. The babysitter reported that Caden was very decisive, and wouldn’t waver on what she wanted. She also got her a stuffed bear and slippers. Perfect again!

My presents are wrapped and under the tree, so I’ll have to wait until Christmas to report back on those.

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