The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Snow Fun!

on December 17, 2013

sled 1

After aunts and uncles left the holiday gathering, the four cousins suited up and headed outside to do some sledding. Even though it was freezing, I grabbed my camera and headed out with them because I love capturing moments like this. (Caden, Emma, Delaney)

sled 2

Samantha was awesome and pulled them down this little hill. Once they got some speed going, they zipped down to the bottom.

sled 3

Love this shot of serious Emma. After a few trips down the hill, my dad pulled the sled behind the four wheeler. He didn’t even make a full circle before he got stuck in some deceivingly deep snow. I tried to help him get out, but my brother had to come with the other four wheeler (which made me think – why on earth do they have two?) to pull him out. After that, I went inside because it was too damn cold out. Lesson learned, we all need better cold weather gear for the Grunst family Christmas up north!

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