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Another View

on December 12, 2013

Tuesday morning as the girls posed for their daily picture, I saw a bright red error message flash on the back of my camera. No more battery! Yikes. By the time I get home it’s dark out, so I plugged the battery in to recharge, and left a note for the babysitter to please take a picture of them. I know she loves to take pictures, so it was the perfect note to leave her. When I came home she told me she took a bunch of pictures. Yay! I was excited to sit down and see what she captured.

bus 1

Getting off the bus! I’ve tried to get this picture a few times, but the girls end up running towards me and it’s nothing but blur. So happy she captured this!

bus 2

I need to take a second to comment on how Caden ALWAYS looks cute in a hat. Delaney and I can’t rock hats like she does. It doesn’t matter which hat, color, style, she always looks cute in her hats. It’s crazy.

bus 3

She was very excited about the cool light coming from the window, and the warm light coming from the tree. I agree! She has a great eye.

bus 4

Judging from this shot, I’m guessing Caden was about to bust a move.

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