The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on December 11, 2013

tree 1

This is my favorite sight every December. I love the soft glow of our Christmas tree. It brings just the right amount of twinkly light into the room, and somehow brings the noise level down a notch.

tree 2

First person up every morning plugs the tree in, first person home in the evenings does the same, and on the weekends it’s on all day. Last Friday I was fried, so we turned off all the lights except the tree, and lit all of our Christmas candles. It was so pretty and so calm, and I took a moment to revel in the quiet. I’ve thought about trying to replicate the soft twinkly lights the rest of the year, but I wonder if it wouldn’t lose its magic? Besides, this time of year the quiet seems to be extra necessary.

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