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Tiny Bits

on December 4, 2013

I’m too tired to pull together real paragraphs, so bullets it is.

* Sunday night at 1am, Delaney appeared at my bedside. I was half asleep, but when she told me she woke up and her bed was wet, I knew what had happened. “You wet your bed?” “Yes. Also, I’m not wearing any pants.” LOL This kid cracks me up nonstop these days.

* The bed wetting wasn’t a huge deal except the night before our washer had stopped draining water. I think the drain is plugged so I watched a few youtube videos on how to fix it. Unfortunately, it’s more than I can handle so I have a repair guy coming tonight. Hopefully he can make it through the snow.

* This was our first week of having Babysitter Amy get them off the bus and while awesome, due to snow and errands I didn’t really get to revel in skipping traffic like I would have liked to. We did realize they are starving after school, which explains why everyone melts down on the way home from after care.

* Caden was completely gluten free for 7 days and was feeling really great. Even her personality was extra sparkly. On Thankgiving I let her eat gluten and wouldn’t you know! Instant tummy ache and intestinal distress. Ouch. I honestly did not expect that outcome. Likely more to come on this, but please know I have spent far too much money on gluten free snacks and she hates them all.

One response to “Tiny Bits

  1. Amanda says:

    Just in case you haven’t tried them already, Zone Perfect makes some gluten-free bars, and Claire likes them just fine!

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