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Life with identical twins

Thanksgiving 2013

on December 3, 2013

Past years I’ve taken the entire week of Thanksgiving off to run errands, get projects done, and get a jump on my Christmas shopping. I love taking that week off because the stores are relatively quiet, and it’s such a nice break. But this year I’m taking a bunch of time off while the girls have their winter break, so I just took Wednesday through Friday off. Still, five days is a nice stretch to be away from work things.

Wednesday. We ran errands in the morning, then I put two crabby kiddos down for a nap. That’s right – a nap! Just when I said naps were out the window I brought them back and it was AWESOME. I hit the treadmill, then organized our arts and craft cupboard. BLISS.

Thursday. We headed down to my parent’s house that morning.

turkey 1

They’re remodeling and things are in that final push. Caden helped my dad put up shelves in the office. They love to be helpers and my dad always has a bunch of projects for them. They counted holes to put shelf things in, then wiped each shelf down. Maybe their counting was a little off, but they were excellent helpers.

turkey 2

After the big meal, it was time for the craft. This year my mom found a snowman craft using tube socks and rice. Everyone got really creative with this! I helped the girls get theirs started, then they went crazy adding embellishments.

turkey 3

It’s hard to see, but this guy is wearing a hoodie. We died! My cousin Seth is so creative and always comes up with a cool twist for his take on the craft.

turkey 4

This was Lucy all day. Poor thing did not do so well on the slippery hardwood floors. She also didn’t do very well with the stairs. Since the upstairs isn’t finished, we were downstairs a lot and she just couldn’t go up and down very many times in a day.

turkey 5

Friday my mom and I hit the sales bright and early. While I napped, the girls helped my mom bake my dad a birthday cake. Once it cooled I frosted it, and everyone helped to decorate. Happy Birthday Dad!

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