The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Playing around with presets

on November 29, 2013

One of the things I am not awesome at is editing my pictures. I’ve read one book, and I’ve watched a few youtube tutorials, but I just haven’t spent the time I need to to really know what I’m doing in Lightroom. For the most part, I leave my pictures alone as much as possible. I tweak the color, boost things, bump the black, and generally leave it at that. I don’t oversaturate, undersaturate, or blow out any colors. I keep it simple. So sometimes, it’s fun to take a simple picture of the girls and try some of the presets that I’ve downloaded because they can do things to photos that I cannot and I love it! It was fun to play around, and see what struck a chord with me and what didn’t. Clearly, simple seems to.

caden bw1

I love how her eyes are the focus here, and the rest of the color is pulled away.

caden color1

Love the vintagey feel of this one.

delaney bw1

Similar to Caden’s, I love how the color is pulled away and her eyes are the focus.

delaney color1

I never undersaturate my pictures, which is probably why I love this one.

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