The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Penny Pincher

on November 27, 2013

A month or so ago they abandoned their save jars, and ever since then the money has been a bit helter skelter. Somehow, Delaney ended up with most of the money, but Caden hasn’t fought it so I’m not going to either. They’ve both been counting it and counting it, and finally realized that if Caden gave her $1, Delaney would have enough money to buy a poodle purse she’s been wanting at Charming Charlies. Delaney was so excited! We agreed to head over there Sunday after church.

As we walked into the store and headed back towards the kid’s section, Delaney had the hugest grin on her face. She looked at the display of puppy purses and checked the price tag of each one. A few were $20, but most were $15. And then she found one that was on sale for $6.99. This intrigued her, and I could see her mind begin working. Even after she had declared a purple purse The One She Was Getting, she still kept looking, eventually making her way over to the fuzzy notebooks (less than the purse), and then on to the clearance section (even cheaper!). Suddenly the thought of spending ALL of her money wasn’t sounding so good anymore!

Up until now, if they’ve had money to spend, they’ve spent it. I’m amazed she accumulated $15 to begin with, but my guess is that it’s mostly because she keeps forgetting to bring her wallet to Target. Amy gave them Target gift cards for starting kindergarten and they were not leaving the store until they spent every last penny. Saving for something you really want, and not just getting some thing wasn’t a concept that sunk in for them. This wasn’t necessarily the relationship with money I want them to have, so I was happy to see Delaney searching for something she liked, that didn’t drain every last dollar she had.

In the end she found some bracelets that were marked down to $3.99. When she went to the register to pay we found out they were 50% off, and were only $2. She was beyond excited to get such a great deal! It was super fun to watch her excitement, and to watch a few financial lessons sink in.

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