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I may be the only one, but I miss them!

on November 25, 2013

I’m on a few different multiple message boards and if you mention that your children are either A) fighting naps or B) fighting bedtime at least one (generally many) people will ask you “Are you sure they aren’t ready to give up their nap?” This is generally followed by some story about how their kids gave up naps just after age two and it’s just so awesome! Their day is so much more open now and it’s so great not having to deal with naps anymore.

Who are these people?

That is generally my response. Quite honestly, I hung on to naps tooth and nail. I sat in their room until they fell asleep, I rejiggered our weekend schedule to ensure they got them, I did it all and I would do it again in a heart beat.

The thing is, nap time is a break for both them and for me. I’m a planner so I always mentally broke up our day into morning activities, nap time activities, and afternoon activities. There were definitely times when I baked or got things done during nap time, but most of the time I ran, or even napped myself. It was a desperately needed break, allowing all of us to come back together afterwards recharged.

I don’t get that anymore and I feel it, I think we all feel it. My kids could probably still nap on weekends, but they fight it and it would likely mess up bed time. But mostly, I feel it. I don’t get any sort of mental break, and I have to really plan well to get any sort of exercise into our day, or else it’s dinner time and I don’t even realize I missed my running window.

Yesterday there was so much fighting, so much crying. Finally at 4:00 I put Elf in, and went downstairs to hit the treadmill. I wasn’t on there 10 minutes when Laney came down claiming not to want to watch the movie. So much for rest time! Ten minutes later Caden came downstairs, and they promptly started fighting on the couch. If there is one rule in our house, it’s that treadmill time is MY time. You can sit quietly on the couch and watch Pioneer Woman with me, but there is no talking and there certainly is no fighting. They pulled it together quickly, but still.

Usually my posts like this end with how I’m going to change things up to achieve what we need to achieve but honestly, nothing is going to change around here. I’m just venting. I miss nap time. I miss running. I miss exercising. It sucks.

3 responses to “I may be the only one, but I miss them!

  1. vivaciousmommy says:

    Hey there! I totally feel for you! My 2,5 year old is hinting at dropping his nap time which sucks because I am almost 18 weeks pregnant and need me time. Fingers crossed we make it to the 3year mark!
    Good luck with finding “you” time

  2. Keri says:

    I hear ya, Erin!! All 3 of my kids gave up naps early and I had to let them because it was taking HOURS to get them to sleep at night. So now I have an earlier bedtime with my girls and plan my me time then. Of course my ME time is HOMEWORK time these days but I sure do love the peace and quiet when bedtime goes as planned.
    Sidenote… girls aren’t twins but they do love to fight. I’ve discussed this with lots of mom’s with girls the same age. It seems it happens with all of them. Hang in there! You are definitely NOT alone!!

  3. Stacy says:

    Found your blog via another twin blog. I am a twin mom, too. I loved nap time – I scheduled everything around nap time. My kids took weekend naps through age 7. After a long school week, they needed them (and my kids never sleep in on the weekends). At 9.5, they still get an occasional nap (about 1x per month).

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