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The Birds and the Bees

on November 20, 2013

Monday night the girls were watching an episode of Jessie. Three (I think) of the kids in that family are adopted, and one of them was asking for more information on his birth parents. After the show Caden said to me “Mom? Who are my birth parents?”

When they were younger they asked if they had a dad, and we talked through that. They they got a little older and the question changed to “Who is my dad?” At that point I told them about the sperm donor and even showed them his picture. They both took it in differently. Delaney looked at me and said “I have a dad and that’s Grampy. He’s not my dad.” Caden simply moved on. Point taken.

It hasn’t been brought up again until now and clearly, they had forgotten our previous conversation. Here’s the thing. Explaining how the mommy gets pregnant and part has to come from a man? That’s tricky! I was not prepared for this either! The whole thing came out of left field. I stumbled through it mentioned sperm and parts from both and that makes a baby. It wasn’t good.

Last night the episode was on again (and we watched it again because why not watch every episode 14 times?) and once again the topic came up. I don’t think I did any better explaining, but we talked through it again I asked if they wanted to see his pictures. They both did, so I went downstairs and found them. This time they were both a lot more interested. As we looked at his pictures I told Delaney she has his crinkly eyes and his smile. She loved that. We talked about how they can meet him when they get older, which they also loved.

The reason I chose a sperm donor that they could contact was because I knew they would have questions, and I wanted them to be able to get answers. I love that even now, I can show them pictures of him, and they can listen to his voice. It gives them something more about who they are. I wish I had handled things better, or at least had a more thought out story, but somehow, I doubt they’ll remember that part.

One response to “The Birds and the Bees

  1. I think it’s so special that they have the opportunity to meet him one day and can see his picture and hear his voice until then. I need to watch this episode apparently because Griffin had a lot of questions about Laney Grace’s adoption afterwards.

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