The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

I’m so not ready for Monday

on November 18, 2013

Between days off of school and illness, we’ve had a few long weekends around here. After only two stay at home days, I am not ready to go back to work today! Thank goodness the holidays are coming up soon.

This week was incredibly long, and Friday was no different. I was exhausted and totally didn’t feel like dealing with dinner. On top of that, we’ve been eating out a lot because it’s been so crazy, so we’d recently hit all of our normal haunts. After picking up the girls I pitched the idea of frozen yogurt for dinner, and then popcorn at home. They were totally in! And then after popcorn turned to me and asked “So where’s our dinner?” Cereal it is.

After two years of having dance class on Saturday mornings, it’s nice not to have to rush out the door. I’d rather be lazy and take the morning slow, but it’s so nice to get the laundry going, bed sheets changed, and all of those things out of the way right away, so they aren’t hanging over my head all weekend. It made us a little late for our playdate with old daycare friends, but was so worth it.

Saturday night we made taco soup for dinner. I did the chopping while the girls did the stirring. I cut the recipe in half because I hate making huge batches of soup, only to have the soup not be fabulous. But this was a good one! Both girls liked it, and even tried the peppers and beans. Delaney is really at a stage where she wants to try new foods, which helps Caden try new foods. I try not to push my luck with it too often, but they both requested this again so I will consider it a win.

Sunday we headed down to my parent’s house because Delaney demanded to see her Grammy. I thought we were going to be painting, but they finished that up on Saturday, so we just hung out. I even took a little nap!

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