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Somewhere in between

on November 11, 2013

This weekend was somewhere in between best weekend ever, and worst weekend ever.

Saturday morning, just as we were about to get dressed to go to a makeup dance class, I got a call from our pediatrician saying “Calling about the positive culture for Caden. Your doctor called in a prescription to Target so you’re all set!” Um, backup! Positive what? Strep throat. Caden has strep throat. Sure she said her throat hurt, but didn’t we go in for a stomach ache?

I was insanely annoyed by this news. We had a whole day of errands planned, followed by a night out for me. A much needed night out! I cancelled the babysitter and my plans, and started reconciling myself to a quiet night in.

We hit Starbucks and then grabbed a cart at Target. I put Caden in the seat to try to contain her germs. As we were shopping I realized I was hot. Was it the coffee? Caden looked progressively more awful, finally just resting her head on the handle. I felt my forehead and was that a fever? You know how you feel awful but you chalk it up to a million other things, but then once you get a diagnosis it’s like it all falls into place and suddenly you feel Really Awful. That was the two of us.

We ran our errands and got home as quickly as possible. My stomach hurt, so I knew I had whatever Caden had. Here’s the thing that sucks about being a single mom. I needed to go find out if I had strep throat, but in order to do that I had to drag my contagious child, and my healthy child, along. I can’t ask a neighbor to watch them, Caden’s contagious. And so we hit the Target Minute Clinic which was incredibly quick. And I don’t have strep.

The girls were amazing. You know when sound or motion is too much? That was me on Saturday. The girls watched movies quietly, they colored, they made waffles for their dinner. When I felt a little better, they crawled in bed with me and quietly played on their iPods. Sunday was similar. I napped, they played. We even colored on the couch together. It probably wasn’t all that different from most other Sundays, except I wasn’t running around crossing things off my to do list.

I was sick, so that part sucked, but the relaxing part of the weekend was really nice. It was nice to just hang out with the girls, and it was really nice to just lay in bed and read my book without feeling guilty. The last few weeks have been crazy at work. A weekend filled with errands and laundry and lists was not what I needed. But relaxation and books and coloring? That was what I needed and it seems like this weekend, I got what I needed. Now pray I don’t get a call today saying my long strep test came back positive!

One response to “Somewhere in between

  1. Stacy says:

    My son gets a stomach ache when he has strep – every time. No fever, no sore throat, just a stomach ache. Weird, but I am told it happens in about 20% of kids.

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