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A stressful end to a stressful week

on November 8, 2013

For several years now, Caden has complained that her stomach hurts. She’s not always a huge eater, and it’s often first thing in the morning, so I usually try to solve it with food. Stomach pain is hard though, because there can be so many causes. I didn’t want to ignore it, but I also had no idea what was causing it. A few years ago we tried zantac again, just to see if it was reflux. It didn’t help so I took her off of it. This week her complaints have steadily amped up to the point that she was waking me up in the middle of the night because her stomach hurt. Yesterday morning she looked awful so I kept her home. The stomach pain got worse throughout the day, until I finally took her into the pediatrician. Our best guess? She needs to poop. But, that’s never been her problem so I’m doubting that that is the root cause of all of this. My best guess? Food intolerance of some sort. Our pediatrician has offered to send her to the Children’s Hospital for tests, but I also know that that isn’t the best way to diagnose this. I’m guessing some sort of elimination diet is in our future. Woo.

Onto the pictures! I forced the girls outside a few times even!

nov 01


nov 02

This is either Saturday or Sunday. I can’t remember, although they’re wearing their boots so maybe Sunday?

nov 04

Monday. I’m trying to push them more to pick out their own outfits for school, although they have no desire.

nov 05


nov 06


2 responses to “A stressful end to a stressful week

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