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Shoe shopping insanity

on November 5, 2013

Even though I swear we just went shoe shopping, both girls go to pair of shoes were looking pretty worn. Also, we needed both cute boots and snow boots. While I hate Stride Rite at the moment, they have the Kamik snow boots I wanted the girls to try on, so we headed there on Friday. We had the store to ourselves, and still it was insanity. For whatever reason, the girls kept hiding from me behind the displays. Is there anything worse than scanning the store and not seeing your child? Ugh. I loved the boots, but darn they’re expensive. I was confident I could find them for a better price elsewhere, so I noted their sizes and we moved on to casual shoes. (Of course it’s going to snow today, so we had to make a trip back to the store to buy the $#@% boots last night.) Caden is a size smaller than Delaney, so can still fit into the toddler shoes. She very quickly found a cute pair of Hello Kitty Keds that everyone loved. Last year both girls had fake ugg boots that they wore nonstop all winter, so you’d think they would want another pair for this year? No. I offered up every boot, they didn’t want any. Delaney and I were checking out their tall boots, but it’s really hard to pay $60 for boots that you know will have holes in the toes within a month. So we looked at slip on shoes, but they’re all ballet flats and that isn’t what she’s looking for. Anyway, long story longer, we left with just Caden’s Keds. Also, my girls are such Girls. Very opinionated about their shoes and they love to shop!

Saturday we hit up Target’s shoe section. Delaney very quickly found a pair of super cute tall black boots. They fit, they were comfortable, and they were $25! Done.

shoes 02

Caden took much longer. Delaney and I were running up and down the aisle, bringing her shoes and boots to try on. She didn’t like anything, and I even offered up a pair of gold glittery boots! Finally I went around the corner and found a pair of brown cowboy boots, and a pair of brown fake uggs. She tried both on. She checked herself out in the mirror. She couldn’t decide, so she tried them on again. I liked the cowboy boots, Laney lobbied for the comfy boots. I thought we might need to order lunch into the shoe aisle! And then, she chose.

shoes 01

3 responses to “Shoe shopping insanity

  1. Grammy says:

    Good choice, girls! I can just imagine the scene in the shoe store. Been there…

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