The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on October 30, 2013

I hear a lot about Caden’s day on the drive home from school. She’s very chatty and it almost seems like she’s saved up a story or two to tell me. I know how they worked to get their reading stamina to 15 minutes, I know she’s the leader of her ‘listen to books’ group, and I see her sounding out words at home. So heading into her parent/teacher conference last night I felt pretty confident about how her session would go. Delaney has been quieter about her days, so hers was a little more up in the air for me. What to expect?

Both girls are doing very well. That’s no surprise though! Delaney will likely be placed in a higher reading group, and Caden will likely go into an advanced math group. How awesome is that? Caden is gaining confidence and speaking up more in class, although often won’t do something unless she knows she’s doing it right. (I have no idea where she gets that from!) Delaney is crazy smart. She wrote her numbers from 1 to 100, sounded out some kind of difficult words (the n in hand can be hard to hear but she got it), and she knew some shapes that surprised even me!

Often times, the social side of things is almost more intriguing. Delaney has a really great best friend. They are perfectly matched, help each other out, and are at about the same level academic wise. I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me. Delaney’s bff last year was a nightmare, so to have someone like this now? It’s heaven for everyone. Even with the awesome friend, her teacher said she was surprised and happy to see Delaney continuing to play with all the kids in the class.

Caden is the social butterfly in her class. She has lots of friends, both boys and girls. One thing I thought interesting was that the other kids will come to her to ask for help, be it with their school work or just getting a jacket buttoned up. So sweet!

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