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Crazy Kids

on October 29, 2013

This past weekend I had a weekend work training thing. This training was a bit of a love/hate thing because it was super relevant to the work I’m doing right now, but an entire weekend at work? Away from my kids? Ugh. It was exhausting. In some ways sitting for 10 hours with only a few breaks is far worse than doing active things. Anyway, the girls went to my parents for the weekend which was perfect timing. My parents hadn’t seen the girls in three weeks or so, so everyone was very excited!

The girls were kind of on fire the entire drive down. I’m not sure Caden stopped talking. At one point I practically begged her to stay quiet, just for a moment. It was all happy chatter, but man that kid does not run out of things to say.

Needless to say, I have two funny Caden stories from the weekend. My mom sent me this one:

This noon when we were leaving Noodles and on our way to see the horses, Caden said, “Oh, oh. We’ve got a big problem here.” I asked her what the problem was. She said, “We don’t have any apples to feed Lucky #7 and Bull’s Eye. We can’t go there without apples.” She wouldn’t rest until we stopped at Kwik Trip and bought 4 apples.

She was so thrilled to see those horses and feed them the apples. Delaney enjoyed it, too, but Caden was especially enthralled and talked and petted them. They have a new horse and she has decided to name her Oreo.

Sunday evening after dinner, Caden was writing words that were like Nice. After I spelled ‘nice’ for her I commented there was a silent e at the end. Our next word was ‘kind’. I spelled that and then Caden said “Mom. Kind has a silent n right?”

One response to “Crazy Kids

  1. Grammy says:

    Our house was in chaos all weekend — in more ways than one. We LOVED every minute.

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