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This might get long

on October 22, 2013

This vacation to North Carolina was planned last spring when it snowed in MAY. I wanted out and I wanted to move and I booked this trip to a) visit Laura and family and b) check out Raleigh, NC to see if I could see us living there. Over the summer I realized that uprooting our family away from my entire support system (and most importantly, away from my parents which would be exceedingly difficult on all fronts) for warmer weather possibly wouldn’t be a great idea. When the trip rolled around, we were in need of a family vacation. Laura’s boys and my girls got along so crazy well we kept shaking our heads and laughing about it. Laura and I had plenty of time to chat and drink wine, it was just fabulousness all around.

First, Laura was a fabulous hostess. Their house is beautiful, she planned just the right amount of activities with perfect food options (southern bbq! krispy kreme donuts! crazy good mexican!), and she made us all feel so welcome and at home. Thursday we kept it simple and hung out around their house. We had gotten up at an insane hour to catch our flight, so that was perfect. Friday we headed to downtown Raleigh to explore and hit the Museum of Natural History. Dinosaur bones! We were all quite excited. Friday night we hit up the NC State Fair. This was perfect timing since we skipped our own State Fair. They had so many great rides for the kids! The kids rode ride after ride, we ate some food, then hit the ferris wheel once it was dark. So cool to see everything lit up!

Saturday we headed to the Duke gardens and campus. I was in heaven! Laura had offered to take family pictures of us and this was the perfect backdrop. Here is where I disclaimer this by saying that picking out outfits for these pictures was something I completely messed up. As I was packing I couldn’t come up with anything. Short sleeve shirts didn’t coordinate, long sleeves are all silly shirts, I just couldn’t see anything that would work. Of course on the plane ride back I thought of two different combos. Of course I did.

duke gardens

Aren’t the gardens gorgeous? So peaceful. The kids were all fascinated by this koi pond. Originally I thought I took this picture, but I’m pretty sure Delaney did. Not bad!

duke ducks

Behind the gardens was a pond. The ducks were clearly not afraid of people. Nate even tried to pet one but the duck bit him. I thought for sure one of my two would end up in the drink.

duke bridge

These kids. They had so much fun watching the birds and the ducks and running everywhere. This red bridge was definitely a cool vantage point to check out all the birds in the water.

duke caden

Poor Caden. She looks a little tired in this shot, but I think her crinkly eyes are more from laughing at Laura.

duke delaney

Delaney had a serious case of the giggles while Laura was shooting her, which is perfect, since that is her normal mode.

duke family vert

Kind of love this shot.

duke family

The girls were kind of over it by this time, but honestly, it’s awesome just to have pictures of us that I’m in. Especially pictures from a vacation we all loved.

duke girls

This picture cracks me up because they were trying so hard not to smile, but Laney just couldn’t do it. Oddly enough, she also lost every time at the quiet game.

duke kids horiz

Laura actually took this picture vertically, but I cropped it to horizontal because the kids are so adorable I wanted them front and center.

duke arches

After the gardens the kids climbed trees while we relaxed. Then we walked up to the Duke campus. It’s like stepping back in time. I took a few pictures, but none of them do the campus justice. I told Delaney she’s totally coming to Duke in another 13 years. She told me I have to move to North Carolina so she can live with me. Done!

2 responses to “This might get long

  1. Laura Case says:

    So great to meet you! I was working on photos today so should have something up tomorrow!

  2. Sadia says:

    I can’t believe how big these kids have gotten. And Laura is SUCH an amazing photographer!

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