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Life with identical twins

Christmas List, the Science version

on October 18, 2013

I posted about science experiments, and days later a catalog filled with science related toys arrives on our doorstep. Coincidence? Probably not. Both girls have been poring over the catalog almost every day. I told them to circle the things they wanted to put on their Christmas list. Delaney put a check mark on almost every picture! So we talked about how much things cost and how we don’t want to be greedy, and she revamped her list to only a few things.

1. That’s Gross science kit. She wants this SO badly she talks about it every day! I might not make it until Christmas with this one, it may have to arrive early.

2. A microscope. I feel like this is a gift that could grow with the girls all the way through high school. I’m leaning towards getting her this, because if nothing else, when bored look at things under the microscope?

3. Globe. I am seriously geographically challenged, so this may be an investment in all of our futures. But, it’s huge! Where would we store it?

The one thing Caden has been asking for since the summer is a telescope. I’m all in for this except for two things. First, we love about seven miles from downtown Minneapolis. Will we ever even see any stars? As it is, we can only see them if it’s a very clear night and no moon. Second, will we really use this after the first few months? If anyone has any telescopes they love and recommend, that would be fabulous!

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