The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

A day at the theater

on October 7, 2013

I know I’ve talked about this a million times before, but our weekends are best for everyone if we are out and about being social.  The girls do better and consequently, I do better.  While my introverted tendencies sometimes get in the way of that rule, I’ve been trying hard to reach out and plan some social things on the weekend.

This weekend we had one very social day and one day just us.  The social day was an awesome day!  The day just us at home had to be in order to get everything clean and organized, but man, that was a rough day.  Let’s stick with the fun day.

Back in the spring we went to the Stages theater and saw a ballet.  The girls had been there before with school, and the performances are really fabulously done.  They are short enough for short attention spans (all around an hour), the stories are geared towards kids, and the price is right.  My mom and I discussed it and bought a four show package.    We both love exposing the girls to live theater on a regular basis, and it’s the perfect way to do that.  The first show – Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse – was Saturday.

The theater is only ten minutes from my house, so my parents came up early and we hit Chipotle for lunch.  It was supposed to rain all day, but the morning was a perfectly sunny fall day so we wandered the main street a bit.  My dad went back to my house and mowed my lawn (thank you!  no idea when I would have found time to do that!) and we headed to the show.  We had front row seats!  So fun.  The theater is so small every seat is good, but there’s something special about the front row.  We all loved the show, and the girls were especially enthralled.  Success!  I can’t wait for the next one.

We headed home to change quickly and then headed out for the birthday party of a daycare classmate.  The little boy was Caden’s ‘boyfriend’ for all of last year, so she was super excited to see him.  For me, it was great to talk to other moms going through the exact same awesome daycare -> kindergarten change that we are.  One of the other moms even misses not having her kids in the car on the commute home!  We’ve promised to do more playdates to keep the love alive.

The party ended at 5:00, just in time for dinner.  I’ve wanted to go to Pizzeria Lola for ages, but I know it’s busy and we’ve just never made the effort to get over there.  It was on our way home and since it was so early I thought we’d have no issues getting a table.   Wrong!  45 minute wait!  We ordered our pizzas to go, and I snagged a glass of wine for the wait.  Their gluten free pizza blows Pizza Luce out of the water.  It was so, so amazing.  But, they use a woodfire oven and the girls did not appreciate that their pizza was ‘burnt’.  Their pizza is not cheap, so we will stick to Luce for family outings, and I will beg my girlfriends to go to Lola with me.

After scarfing down our pizza, we made popcorn and watched a few cooking shows.  Apparently the girls are Project Runway’d out.  Oops.  They do love the Pioneer Woman though!

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