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And then there were earrings

on October 1, 2013

I’m definitely not one of those people who was itching to pierce my girls’ ears when they were babies. But, once the girls started wearing ponytails more and more, I started thinking how cute it would be if their ears were pierced. I threw out the idea initially to Delaney, because I thought she would do it. She said no. I dropped the issue, but sometime at the end of the summer it came up again. This time, Caden was much more into the idea. Last week their cousin Samantha got her ears pierced which was the perfect opportunity for Caden to ask questions and find out if it hurt. After hearing it didn’t hurt for long she was in. Then she wasn’t. I didn’t push anything, just kept asking what she was thinking. Saturday morning she declared “Caden is getting her ears pierced! Today!” Alrighty then!

earrings 1

We hit the mall after lunch and luckily, there was no line. We got her in the chair and ready to go as quickly as possible. I set the camera to auto and snapped a few pictures to make sure things were coming out okay. I really wanted to be able to just be her mom for this, but I also knew I wanted pictures. After this shot I handed the camera off to my dad.

earrings 2

This store does both ears at the same time which was really nice. The two women doing the piercings leaned in enough that I could be right in front of her.

earrings 3

This was the look on her face as the earrings went in. I could see in her eyes she was trying to figure out if she should cry or not so I squeezed her hands and said “Don’t cry. It’s okay. Don’t cry.” Right after that she smiled because she realized it was over!

earrings 4

All smiles before she went on her shopping spree around the store. We got a few pairs of earrings, a few new hair accessories, and some junky nail polish. We all thought maybe after watching Caden Delaney would want her ears pierced, but she was a solid no to the end. I’ve told her when she’s ready to let me know, but until then I’m going to stop asking.

earrings 5

We took this picture at my parent’s house later that afternoon. I’m a little bummed her earrings aren’t in focus, because they are SUPER cute. She chose well! They are little pink flowers, with rhinestones as the leaves. Very sparkly, perfect for her.

And now we begin the six week countdown until she can change her earrings every day!

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  1. Grammy says:

    The fearless one!

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