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Not what I thought it would be

on September 25, 2013

In August while prepping for all things kindergarten, I realized that my two chatty girls wouldn’t be with me for my commute to and from downtown anymore and I got a little sad. And then I immediately got really happy because those two chatterboxes when you haven’t had any coffee? Not my ideal morning necessarily. I was kind of excited to have my relaxing, quiet commute back.

While it was convenient to have the girls in the same building, it also meant that when I left, I needed to take them with me which wasn’t always convenient. Feeling sick at noon? That’s right before naptime and would they really nap at home with me? Need to run a few errands after work? Girls are coming along! They were minor frustrations, but I was definitely looking forward to getting my freedom back.

And yet. My commute home is now more complicated. Instead of heading home, I head to their school to pick them up. There is no great way to get to their school. No matter which route I take (and I’ve tried them all) I run into either traffic, stoplights, or both. Last night I hit traffic coming out of downtown, and then more traffic getting onto the next highway. The entire time I was sitting in traffic I kept thinking that before, at least the girls were with me. Maybe we were stuck in traffic, but we were stuck together! I could chat with them, hear about their day. Now I sit in traffic by myself, missing my girls and realizing that my time with them is getting cut shorter and shorter. I hate it.

I contemplated a few options last night on the drive home. The best seems to be leaving work a half hour earlier each night, in order to miss the majority of the traffic. 30 minutes doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it feels like a big deal. If I bring my laptop home each night I get sneak in another hour or two of work either while the girls are playing or once they’re in bed. Not ideal, but hopefully better than where we’re at now.

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