The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on September 23, 2013

This weekend was the semi-annual multiples sale. The fall sale is always hard to prep for because it’s nice outside, so the last thing you want to do is sit inside and hang and tag things. But, I’ve slacked on a few fall sales so I had a bunch of things that can only be sold at the fall sale to get out of my house (Christmas dresses, winter boots, Halloween t-shirts). I remember when I first started selling I would totally stress out over sale prep. What to sell, how to price it, where to find hangers. Now I’m an old pro. I tag what I can, and what I can’t gets pushed to the next sale. I brought the least amount of things to this sale, which is partially indicative of what I have to sell these days, but mostly just that I was lazy this time around! (I am saying it now, everything goes in the spring sale. Everything.)

As we were setting up on Friday I was talking to a few other moms with kids the same age and we were saying that there also isn’t as much to buy at these sales. Clothes yes, shoes maybe, but that’s it. Toys? No. I sold a bunch of our puzzles, kept a few for the winter, but my two don’t play with a ton of toys at home.


This is what my kids do most weekends when we’re in the house. They paint. They also color, but right now it’s a lot of painting. I love it. They can get everything out on their own, it’s easy to clean up, and I don’t have a mess of toys to deal with.

So while I sold at this sale, it was the first time I didn’t shop it. In the size I need to buy clothes in, there isn’t much there and the majority of what is there isn’t my style. It didn’t make sense to hire a babysitter and drive 30 minutes each way to buy a few things, so I stayed home. So weird! But also nice not to buy things because they’re $1 and then watch them sit in a drawer for a year while we never wear it.

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