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Suggestions Please

on September 18, 2013

The first few weeks of kindergarten is obviously a lot of laying down the foundation of things. The first week there was a lot of bathroom rules and processes. At home there was lots of singing of the ABC’s while washing hands. The second week was a lot of behavioral things. Lots of discussions about appropriate behavior, consequences, and general rules of the classroom. All very similar to what they had at daycare and what we do at home, so no surprise to my two. As part of this week, they had to say what their hope and dream is for kindergarten. When I read this I was so excited to ask them!

Delaney – To learn science!

Caden – To learn how to read!

Here’s the thing. My girls came into kindergarten very well prepped. I kind of knew they maybe wouldn’t learn a ton of new things this year, it’s all about leveling the playing field. Delaney was super excited to start math this week, only to learn that “math” at this point is learning about shapes. She’s a bit disappointed, but I get it.

So, I’d like to support their hopes and dreams, especially since Delaney is not going to learn science this year. (Although thank you Sid the Science Kid for planting this dream.)

Are there any good science experiment books out there appropriate for the 5-6 age range? Is Pinterest my best option? I was thinking of looking for maybe a homeschool blog/resource? Any good ideas for Christmas presents along this line? There has to be some fall/apple/pumpkin science things we can do right? Since we don’t have dance on Saturdays, I feel like we could do a science experiment then.

We have a ton of books at home, but I don’t know that there are any I would tag as easy to read for beginners, beyond maybe a few Dr. Seuss. What should I buy? Get the sight words back out?

2 responses to “Suggestions Please

  1. Ananda says:

    We’ve done some things from

    my kids are super excited about science as well.

    My daughter really wants to read, but is not developmentally there. Her favorite books to “read” independently are the Biscuit books. I have some old school Dick and Jane she loves those too. My son is definitely sounding out so he is loving the sight words. We have lots of sight words and he makes sentences with them. Right now they are taped to his closet door, but I am planning to make something I saw another teacher do.

    Hange an inexpensive shower curtain and spray with repositionable adhesive spray

    This makes it like a huge post it note. Put the words on index cards and they can move them around.

  2. Laura Case says:

    If it were me, I would say don’t spend the money unless someone has awesome suggestions for the science experiments. Instead hit up the library to see what she is interested in. Science is such a broad concept and I think looking through books would help. We haven’t done anything specific to science because the boys have so many questions and Jon and I naturally answer them in a scientific way.

    For reading, I would highly suggest the BOB series of books. They help them gain confidence while reinforcing the basics. Again, I would hit up the library. Beginning readers go through phases SO QUICKLY that by the time they read something, they won’t want to read and reread it tons of times.

    PS. we use the online reservation part of the library ALL THE TIME for specific things (like BOB) but the rest of the time. we are big browsers. That is how Alex learned he loves comics so he heads right for the graphic novel sections. And our library has books grouped into beginning reader, etc.

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