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Life with identical twins

That’s what I get

on September 17, 2013

Every mom who has dealt with daycare or school has played the Do I? or Don’t I? game of whether or not to send their kid to school the day after an illness. Caden was running a temp of 102.5 Sunday evening. I made the call then and there that I would keep her home. I knew if I waited until morning I would second guess myself, especially if her fever broke at night. If I had sent her, she likely would have spiked a fever at some point and I would have had to pick her up. But because I kept her home, she was a basket full of energy and nonstop questions all day and can you tell me how to spell this word? I had to laugh because OF COURSE! Of course she’s fully recovered! But I also forget just how funny she is, and when you mix their other sister in, sometimes their individual voices get lost.

As people have asked about how kindergarten is going, many comment “At least they have each other.” I always think that’s an odd comment because they don’t really. They’re in separate rooms and see each other rarely. But, when faced with going to school alone, Delaney got very anxious. Even though she only sees Caden at the end of the day, she was still really nervous about being at school by herself. I sometimes forget how strong their bond is! When we picked her up I asked if walking to her classroom by herself was scary and she said “It wasn’t scary, just sad. But then I stopped thinking about Caden and had a great day!”


It was a gorgeous evening so I booted both of them outside after dinner to burn a little energy off. They have this crazy obstacle course thing set up on the deck. They used my grilling utensils and a jump rope, then ride their scooters back and forth while making up some crazy princess/fairy/ninja story to go along with it.

One response to “That’s what I get

  1. Sue says:

    Beautiful girls! Beautiful mother!!

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