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A Simple Skirt

on September 16, 2013

Even though we had no real plans for the weekend, Caden’s complete meltdown Friday night cemented the fact that we would be staying close to home in order to facilitate SLEEP. I wanted to get naps in both days, or at least the opportunity for them. Saturday it was Delaney’s turn to stomp and grumble. A two hour nap and I had a completely different girl on my hands! Sunday we headed to church, and that’s when things went downhill for Caden. She always complains that her stomach hurts. She hadn’t eaten much, so I just made a mental note. When I picked her up from Sunday School she looked tired. We very quickly hit Target and got her home, by which time she had a 101 fever.

caden sick

The problem with watching Project Runway with your kids is that then they want to sew. Both girls had been asking to sew something all morning Sunday. With Caden down for a nap, Delaney pressed her case. I was tired, I had a million things to do, but I also knew we could probably knock out a simple skirt in an hour or so and she would be incredibly happy. So that’s what we did.

We looked through my stash of fabric. I had some plaid cotton that I had intended to use to make cute summer tops. I also had some cute knits. The knit was cute, but I knew of a simple skirt tutorial that was made for cotton, so we went with that.

delaney sew 1

Sewing is stressful for me because I’m horrible at keeping straight lines. You know what is awesome about plaid? It comes with lines! That you can follow! A skirt like this is so simple to make. Measure their waist, take that number times two. Measure the length, add enough for a waistband and hem. Sew up the side, sew the waistband, hem. Even I can’t screw this up.

delaney sew 2

Delaney wasn’t content to just be with me while I did this, she wanted to run the pedal. It took us a little while to find a groove, but she did a great job with slow and steady, and it allowed me to just feed the fabric in and keep my lines straight. Perhaps this is how I should have been sewing all along?

delaney sew 3

It turned out super cute! Unfortunately it’s September and she’ll only be able to wear it with leggings, but she’s happy and that’s what counts. I’m so glad we did this little project. There were a few times when I was sweating bullets (mostly when I was trying to iron, why is that so hard for me?) but I’m actually kind of proud of this one!

2 responses to “A Simple Skirt

  1. Denise says:

    So cute – and Delaney must be so proud!

  2. […] never ending stomach ache is well documented on the blog. I feel bad when I’m reading old posts and realize […]

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