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The Tale of Two Stitches

on September 11, 2013

April 4, 2013
7 stitches at Urgent Care
Cost – $407
Cost to me – $50 copay

August 13, 2013
4 stitches at Children’s ER
Cost – $1077
Cost to me – $200 copay

I know I’ve talked before about how amazing our experience was at the Children’s ER versus Urgent Care, but I’ll say it again. Even though it cost me $150 more, I would go to there every single time for stitches. If I thought I could get better pictures of them, I would compare and contrast the two scars. Delaney’s is smooth and has healed incredibly well. Caden’s is bumpy, and you can see the spots where the stitches were (likely because it took 14+ days for them to come out). Granted, Caden bumped hers a few more times after the stitches, but the baby intern at the ER did a waaaay better job stitching Delaney up, then the seasoned doctor at Urgent Care did with Caden.

One response to “The Tale of Two Stitches

  1. […] now has a bruise in the exact same spot! Sometimes their twinness is a little too crazy. (Remember their chin stitches on opposite sides just a few months apart? That was super weird […]

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