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Settling In

on September 10, 2013

We are on week 2 of kindergarten and are definitely settling in to our new routines.


* Even before daycare was finished I had created a weekly menu plan for our breakfasts. Since the girls started eating solids we’ve had one, it just makes the mornings so much easier. What is served is what is served, no other options are available. Caden even suggested we have a weekly plan for hair dos! Monday is ponytail, Tuesday is pigtail braids, Wednesday is down… Love that kid. We eat breakfast at the dining room table with the tv turned of. It’s a nice chance to chat about the upcoming day.

* Day 1 with the bus was very exciting! And then Thursday rolled around and I was all “We have to do this again? Every day?” With the nice weather we head outside a little early and play with the boys across the street. As the kids line up to get on the bus, Delaney generally gets a scared look on her face and asks if I’m going to meet her at school, but she always gets on the bus with a smile, so we’re winning.

* In my head, the bus came at 8:46 and I would be in my office by 9:00am. In actuality, the bus arrives at 8:50, and I get to my office at 9:10am. Not a huge difference, but 45 minutes later than what I”m used to. More than anything, I kind of hate that even if I want to, I can’t get into work early without making other arrangements. I am loathe to spend any more money than is absolutely necessary on childcare, so I’m going to just go with it. It’s not like I ever went on early anyway! Fridays I do have a 9:00am meeting, so I may try to make some sort of arrangement for that day.

* I had hoped I would get at least a month reprieve from making lunches. Surely they would want to try everything once right? Not so much. They’ve found a few favorites alread, and love that they serve chocolate milk for lunch, but I’ll still be making 2-3 lunches per week.

* My girls have always been better nappers than nighttime sleepers. I realized this weekend that they would likely make up their sleep deficit at nap time until they get used to this new schedule. Yesterday on the drive home I asked Delaney if she fell asleep at rest time. She did! I was a little surprised since she had taken a big nap on Sunday, but then she told me her teacher rubbed her back until she fell asleep. For real? Her daycare teachers didn’t even do that for her. Kindergarten is full service.

* Maybe I had a rough day yesterday so maybe we bought a Paul Newman cheese pizza at Target on our way home and maybe my two tiny girls polished off the entire pizza. Like I said, I got the eaters.


* For daycare, sometimes they took their backpacks, but mostly they didn’t. For kindergarten, it’s backpacks every day and their backpacks are huge! They ended up taking over the leather chair in our living room which I hated. I scoped out every room in the house to find a good spot to hang them. I almost put them in a corner of the living room until I realized one could go on each side of their bookcase! It’s perfect! And seriously, command strip hooks are the best thing ever invented.

One response to “Settling In

  1. Laura Case says:

    Love hearing about the transition!

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