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Last Day

on September 3, 2013

The girls last day at daycare has been hanging over us like a big cloud for the month of August. As happy as I was to be done with paying for daycare, that’s how sad I was to leave these ladies. After we all made it through graduation in one piece (August 15, all my pictures turned out horrible), I felt our moods lift a bit. I was excited about kindergarten! But then reality set back in. I knew we just needed to get through it, that the last day would be difficult but necessary, and then we could move on.

The last week, we luckily had things going on. Appointments, teacher gifts to ready, cards to sign. All good distractions. And then it was Friday. Friday was chaotic because it was meet your bus driver day (bus showed up 20 minutes late), then at the bus stop I found out we were supposed to go in and meet our teachers (totally thought that was Tuesday), so we got into daycare super late. I was busy trying to check in with their teachers, hand out cards, and set out their teacher gifts. As I was leaving I gave a quick hug to Delaney’s main teacher, and started crying. Delaney saw my tears and joined right in. We had to peel her off my legs which is always fun.

But then I thought hey! Crying all done in the morning, I will TOTALLY be fine in the afternoon. I gathered up Delaney’s stuff and told her to say goodbye to Julia. She gave her a big hug, and then I saw Julia step up and walk away with tears in her eyes. Those two have been together for two years now and have such a special friendship, I know how much she cares about Delaney, so of course I teared up too.

The good of all of this is that now all of my focus is on kindergarten. I’m so beyond excited for them, and it’s good to just feel that excitement, without also thinking about leaving their daycare. Delaney is still a bit wobbly and extra sensitive, but I think once she gets a day of kindergarten under her belt, she’ll be fine.


(Apologies for the awful picture. I realized as I was setting them out that I hadn’t taken a single picture, so I snapped a quick one with my cell phone. So sad about this.)
Teacher gifts! I’ve been hoarding this idea, just waiting for this final gift. I love that it speaks to the journey, but also that it’s something to leave behind, and something for their teachers to remember them by.

The original pin had a ruler painted around the pot, with the ‘Thank you for helping me grow!’ on the pot with chalkboard paint. I knew I would never pull that off times six, so I glued a cute ribbon around the pot, and called it good. I also bought them Starbucks cards because I run into all of them during their breaks, so it seemed a fitting gift.


I feel like it’s kind of my signature to do a fun photo card, so I used Picaboo to print out this picture as a 5×7 flat card, with ‘Thank you for helping us grow! Love Caden & Delaney’ on the bottom. It turned out perfectly!

photo courtesy of Angela Kalthoff Photography

3 responses to “Last Day

  1. Laura Case says:

    We were super emotional on our last day also! So hard to leave a place where they cared for the boys for 5 years!

  2. Sue says:

    As a teacher, let me say that your gift idea was lovely and a perfect choice. Those girls are so darn sweet!! See U soon.

  3. […] so the girls and I pulled together gifts for their kindergarten teachers. At the end of daycare we gave their teachers plants with a similar saying on them, but since it’s springtime, flowers seemed like the perfect […]

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