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Starbucks! Twins game!

on August 30, 2013

caden order

Going to Starbucks has been a thing for us for a while. There was a time when it was a reward for good sleep, and then once they got their own Starbucks gift cards, it was a reward for getting out the door early in the morning. There are only two rules to Starbucks. First, they have to order. It’s been really good for them to get past their shyness in situations like this and order nice and loudly. Second, they have to pay. This has been really good for money management. Caden ended the summer with $.14 left! Although last week she wanted a juice, but didn’t have enough money so Delaney asked if she could buy it for her. Isn’t that the sweetest?

laney order

Occasionally I would pop into their room in the afternoon and grab whomever wasn’t taking a nap for a quick lemonade run. The baristas all know them (and adore them), and we usually run into a friend or two, so it’s been a really fun outing for us, and honestly the thing I’ll miss most about not having them downtown with me.


In the afternoon we headed to the Twins game. I got really great seats a few weeks ago, not realizing they were cheap because they are directly in the sun! On an 80 degree day they probably would have been perfect. On a 95 degree day? Not so much. Clouds drifted in and out giving us some shade, so it wasn’t awful. Cotton candy and water kept them occupied, and Dozier hit a home run so they got to see the fireworks go off. Overall? A solid outing.

One response to “Starbucks! Twins game!

  1. Grammy says:

    They are definitely Starbucks girls! What a great learning experience to have them use their own cards. Maybe this will become a Saturday morning fun outing.

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