The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Get it in

on August 28, 2013

I’ve been trying to make sure I do everything one last time before the girls start school. One last lunch out, one last Starbucks trip, one last Twins game.

Last week Delaney got to go out to lunch with me. She wanted to hit the food trucks, so with a little help from friends we located a truck that has a kids hot dog. Luckily, they also sold ice cream! It was the perfect combo. It was kind of a hike, but she had so much fun. We brought lunch back to my office and ate there together.


Yesterday was Caden’s turn for lunch. She was counting down the days she was so excited! Unfortunately, it’s been too hot for the food trucks to be out, so we went to a restaurant instead. We sat on the patio in the shade, and did a little people watching. She ordered a grilled cheese which made me nervous, but she loved it! Even commented on how crusty the crusts were! I was happy because the side of fruit that came with her sandwich was actually fresh seasonal fruit. You’d think that would be the obvious choice during the summer, but you would be surprised how often it’s just canned fruit.

Tomorrow, our final Starbucks run! I contemplated bringing my big camera to get good pictures, but it will be too hectic in the morning. Then, Twins game! Please let it be cloudy so we don’t sweat to death.

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