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Kindergarten Anxiety

on August 22, 2013

Last year right around this time, I remember reading Facebook posts about kids going off to kindergarten and moms crying. I figured I would be cheering and counting my dollar bills while waving happily to my kids as the bus pulled away. And yet, here we are.

In my head I knew this was a big Milestone, I just didn’t expect it to hit me so hard. There’s something about heading off to school that leaves any sort of little kidness behind. I was never one to mourn milestones because I always thought I would have more kids, but turning 40 has brought the harsh reality forward that these are going to be my only two kids. This heading off to kindergarten thing? Only happens once. And that’s stinging just a little bit.

And then daycare. Our daycare is amazing. I feel like often times daycare centers get maligned as institutional and unloving. Ours couldn’t be farther from that. It takes a village to raise my kids and our daycare teachers are a huge part of that village. They have nursed my kids through bumps and bruises, they watch them when I travel for work, and they are their only babysitters. We love them, and they love my kids. Gah. It makes me teary just to type that. On top of the love, they have taught my girls so much. Numbers, letters, songs, musical instruments, spanish, planets, animals. Next Friday is going to be a very sad day.

The one thing I’m looking forward to is more time in the morning with the girls. The bus will pick them up around 8:45. We usually leave the house by 8:10 or so, so we’ll have 30 minutes of extra time. I’m hoping to do something intentional with those 30 minutes, whether it be exercising, reading to the girls, or baking. Exercising! In the morning! Nothing crazy, but I’m hoping I will now be able to work out more than once a week. And! When I work from home, I can actually work from home! I won’t have to take the girls downtown, come home to work, then go back downtown to pick them up. I can just get them on the bus, and then walk back to my house to work. It will be lovely.

And I haven’t even mentioned the money I’ll be saving not paying for daycare. After school care is a drop in the bucket compared to what I’m used to paying. I have big plans for those dollars!

So yes, mixed bag. Tough huge new thing to start, tough to leave the people we love, but so, so many good things ahead of us. I keep saying we just need to get to September 4 and we’ll be good. It’s this next week that is going to kill us. The anxiety, the goodbyes, it’s all too much right now for all of us.

3 responses to “Kindergarten Anxiety

  1. Laura Case says:

    Oh this is totally normal. I thought the same thing – we would be so excited! But it is really such a big change. Such a big change! And with twins, it is so bittersweet to do it only once.

  2. Julie says:

    Vincent is in his second year at school (he did Kindergarten at the Montessori) and while I am still a little sad there is also an excitement of what they are going to learn and some calmness and knowing the school, teachers and routines. Good luck with the girls I am sure you will ALL do wonderful.


  3. Christina says:

    It’s a very sad time. Our first week was this past one, and it’s been filled with tears, smiles, laughs, and more and more tears. You guys will be fine. But yes, it’s hard. ❤

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