The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

An Easy Decision

on August 21, 2013


This summer has been weird. We had some hot weather in June and hit the pool a ton. Then the weather cooled down. We went a few times, but our pool isn’t heated so even if it’s 80, it feels chilly by all the water. I made a promise to myself that if it hit 90, I was spontaneously taking the day off and hitting the pool. Yesterday, it was 90 and we were at the pool!

We invited our friend Michelle because the pool is always more fun with friends. We had the perfect spot, right by the area the girls like to swim. We could sit with our feet in our water and chat, and if Caden needed some time out of the pool, our chairs were right there. And when one girl wanted to go through the pool and one wanted to go around the pool to get to the snack stand, we could divide and grant both wishes.


Both girls were so happy the entire day. Caden has really had a rough patch lately, between anxiety and nightmares she’s just been sad a lot of the time. It was so awesome to see her smile and dance around. It was really good for all of us, to take a day off and just have fun.

To continue the fun, we hit the frozen yogurt place. It was just down the road, how could we not?! The girls have finally realized that they need to dial back the crazy toppings. This time they went with fruit and chocolate chips. And guess what? They actually ate their yogurt because it wasn’t a gross mess!

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