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Halloween in August

on August 19, 2013


My parent’s lake place is at a campground of sorts. Some people camp, some people own. Anyway, their ‘Halloween in August’ was this weekend while we were there. I’ll admit, I was initially fairly neutral on this whole thing. Fake Halloween?

But here’s the thing I forget every year – I love Halloween! Not the decorating and definitely not the scaring of anyone, but trick or treating is awesome. Plus, the girls got to wear their princess dresses so they were insanely excited just about that.

trick or treat

Trick or treating at 2:00 in the afternoon, while the sun shines down and it’s 80 degrees out? Yes, please. That was awesome. Plus, we took the golf cart so we didn’t even have to walk much! Everyone was handing out candy, even people that were just camping for the weekend! It was really fun for everyone. Lucy enjoyed seeing all the people, my mom got to hand out candy, and my dad and I got to take the girls around. Everyone oohed and ahhed over their princess dresses, it was hilarious because the girls ate it up. (There were a few princesses out, but I thought it would be thick with them. Does it get easier than grabbing something from the dress up bin?)

Post trick or treating there was a haunted trail. One for the kids, one for the adults. Delaney was super excited for the trail! Caden wanted nothing to do with it! I sided with Caden, but we both agreed to go along and sit outside the trail. Delaney was all smiles and waves as she stood in line with my dad, but I heard the screams coming from the trail and told my dad to be ready to hightail it out of there if necessary. There was a guy in a gilly suit who was hidden in the bushes, but then popped up and scared them. She could not stop talking about that guy, especially since he was out while they were trick or treating (Caden wouldn’t even go near him when he was handing out candy!). She went into the trail walking by herself, but came out in my dad’s arms. I was definitely glad then that Caden had refused to go on the trail, because both of us would have been in trouble!

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