The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Tiny Bits

on August 15, 2013

* Caden has gained two pounds in a month. She hung out at 34 pounds for forever, and it was kind of driving me mad that she wasn’t even gaining an ounce. As soon as I sensed a growth spurt we started the carnation instant breakfast chocolate milk in the morning again, and that has definitely done the trick. I think it gives her just the right amount of calories to start her day, and makes it so she isn’t crazy hungry in the morning.

* Lucy is doing amazing. She went through a tough slump at the end of June when it was really hot and I was so, so worried we were near the end. She couldn’t track well outside (you would throw her ball straight out, and she would go to the right) and she started avoiding the stairs. She also didn’t have the best control of her back legs again. I put a few area rugs throughout the house (the hardwood floors make it worse) which has really helped. I think the thing that made the most difference though is the weather. It cooled down, and she seems to function so much better now. She’s even getting into trouble! It gives me hope that she’ll make it through the winter.

* For my friend Michelle’s birthday she asked everyone to come work out with her at her gym. I’ve been meaning to try this gym out for years because all my friends go there and rave about it, but it just never happened. It didn’t disappoint! The class was super fun, and exactly what my spirit needed during this crazy time. I need to figure out a way to get back there more often.

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