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Stitches v2

on August 14, 2013


We were (of course) late to swimming lessons so I hustled the girls into the pool and was organizing our stuff on the bench. Monday during lessons the girls were very squirmy and not listening well, so when Delaney said to me “Mom, I have to tell you something” I firmly told her she needed to listen to her teacher and that it could wait. A few minutes later she was out of the water and the two other moms there were firmly telling me she was trying to tell me she was hurt. Sure as shit, she was. She wasn’t crying and it wasn’t bleeding, but she had a nice sized gash under her chin. She must have been bobbing at the side of the pool and hit it on the gutter. We hightailed it out of there and to one of the Children’s Hospital Emergency Rooms.


After our horrible experience at Urgent Care last time, I vowed all future stitches would be done at the ER of the hospital where we did NICU time. That was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. We were almost immediately whisked back to a room where there was a tv, snacks, water, Barbies, and coloring supplies. Do you see that picture? That is Delaney lying quietly, watching a show on an iPad while the (very adorable) pediatric intern stitched her up. We were out of there in less than two hours, and they did a far better job treating Delaney as minimally as was necessary (no injected lidocaine, only topical). I cannot recommend it highly enough! It will definitely cost more than our Urgent Care trip, but it was absolutely worth it!

ps. Total deja vu. I haven’t been to that hospital since I drove away with both girls in their car seats in 2008. It was a little weird to park in the same parking ramp and see all of those buildings. But, I loved that Delaney was still in their system, and it was super fun for them to see where they had been born since we talk about that each time we drive past.

3 responses to “Stitches v2

  1. Going to the Children’s Hospital was a lesson I learned this last year too. At least the cut is under her chin so a scar won’t be visible. Heal fast kiddo!

  2. Sue says:

    So pleased to here it went well, but also sorry she had this happen.

  3. […] know I’ve talked before about how amazing our experience was at the Children’s ER versus Urgent Care, but I’ll say it again. Even though it cost […]

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