The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

I can build a fire!

on August 7, 2013

fire 1

I love camp fires. We have a fire pit but don’t use it often because it has to sit in the middle of our yard over a tree stump, and there are just too many mosquitoes out in the grass. But, Saturday I realized we could make a fire early, before the mosquitoes came out. I have not had the best luck in the past, but this time the fire started up right away. We were even able to roast hot dogs on it for dinner!

fire 2

I love the whole tending to the fire bit. From the storms this summer we had a ton of branches around the yard, so I gathered those to keep things burning. I tried to get the girls to gather sticks with me, but they were easily distracted.

fire 3

Sun flare! Gotta love a sunset. This one maybe got in trouble for not paying attention and had to spend a timeout on the deck.

fire 4

We’ve had some sparklers leftover from the 4th of July, so we burned those too.

fire 5

They always sound a lot more fun than they actually are, though.

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