The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Swimming Lessons!

on August 6, 2013


We take swimming lessons through the community ed department of our town. Consequently, they aren’t offered at the best possible times. During the summer they run them Monday – Thursday for two weeks. It’s nice because you can really get some momentum going, but our lessons are offered from 5-5:30. Ouch. I work until 5:30 most nights! But, swimming lessons are important so we make it work.

As the girls were swimming this summer I realized I probably signed them up for the wrong class. I went online to see what the next class up was, and it said they had to be 42″ at the chin. Why? I have no idea, since the pool is only 36″ deep. Anyway, that class is right after the class we had signed up for, so I figured it would be easy enough to upgrade them.

Of course, as soon as I saw the other kids in the class I knew we needed to be moved up. The teacher immediately agreed and told us to just do both classes the first night. An hour and 15 minutes of swimming lessons? Good thing my kids love to swim!

I felt kind of bad for the other kids in the first class because my two were swimming on their own, and some of these kids were scared of the water. But, the second class was so much fun! After the frustration of soccer, it was so fun to watch them doing something they love, and that they’re good at. Plus, they’re right at that point where swimming is still somewhat new, and so it’s all very exciting!

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