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Gale Woods Farm Adventure

on August 5, 2013

A trip to Gale Woods Farm has been on my Adventure list for years. I had hoped to get in some pool time this past weekend, but with the cooler weather, we needed a different plan – The Farm! Our friends that live nearby were available as well, so it was perfect timing.

farm 1

The kids get to help out, as well as explore on Saturday mornings. First up, feed and water the cows! I love that they put the kids to work.

farm 2

How adorable are these cows? They were very sweet and friendly.

farm 3

I could have taken pictures all day. It was the perfect setting. Big blue sky, gorgeous green trees on the horizon, and lots of wide open space. It was also the perfect place for four 5-year-olds to run and get dirty.

farm 4

We watched the cow milking demonstration, and then went into the chicken coops to collect the eggs. I’m pretty sure the volunteer planted the eggs just before we got there, because they kept reappearing. The kids didn’t care though! If you wanted to pet or pick up a chicken, Delaney was the girl to go to. The other kids couldn’t get the hang of it, but she just went up to each chicken and calmly picked them up. Even the volunteer commented “Your daughter has quite the way with chickens.” She’s a chicken whisperer. We washed hands after this.

farm 5

I don’t have any pictures of the vegetable garden, mostly because I was in complete awe of their plants. It puts my poor garden to shame! Caden and I decided that next year is our year. We just have to figure out how to get rid of the weeds and get the soil better.

farm 6

They do some week long camps that are supposed to be very good, but you need to be a little older to do them. Before then, we will definitely be back, we all loved this adventure.

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